Questions to Think About Before Beginning Your Project:

Business Questions:

  1. What does your company or organization do?

  2. How long have you been in business?

  3. What is your role in the company or organization?

  4. Are there challenges in your business at this time?

  5. Who are your competitors?

  6. How is your business or organization doing compared to others?

  7. What is your budget?

Audience Questions:

  1. Who comprises your target audience?

  2. What concerns would cause your target audience to turn to your website?

  3. Where or how do people learn about you?

  4. How would users benefit from a new or improved website?

  5. What do you want their first impression to be? - very important!

  6. What do you want their overall experience to be on your website?

  7. What information do you want to provide online to your visitors?

Website Questions:

  1. Why do you need a new or improved website?

  2. How will a new website help you and/or your company?

  3. Are there challenges you wish to address with a new website?

  4. Who will provide the content for your website, such as text, photos, graphics, pdf files, etc? Will you provide the content or will you need us to provide it for you?

  5. Are these files optimized for the web or do will you need us to provide optimized photos and files?

  6. Do you have an existing logo, or do you need a new logo? If you have an existing logo, do you have the original, high quality files?

  7. Do you have brochures or printed material associated with your business or organization or are you in need of these items?

  8. What subject matter do you want to address with this website?

  9. Will you need any form pages, such as contact forms or other submission pages?

  10. What would be at least 12 key words and/or phrases associated with your business or organization?

  11. Do you need us to maintain the website?  If so, how often will your website need to be updated?

  12. Do you have a domain? If not, what domain name(s) would you prefer?

  13. Do you have a web hosting provider?


Last, but not least . . .

If you are serious about needing a new website, spend some time thinking about who you are and what you do. The "about us" page can be one of the most important pages of your website, because it keeps visitors interested in what you do and why they need your product, service, etc.


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