Photo Slideshows

Kirk & Rachel

This is a portion of a slideshow shown during the reception dinner in a loop. It was shown with no music to allow people to eat and mingle without interuption. The original slideshow included photos of the bride and groom as they were growing up.

We added music to the slideshow for the couple to enjoy this keepsake.

This sample includes a couple of photos from the wedding at the end.

Check back soon to see a slideshow of this couple's professional wedding photos.


Vintage Slideshow

This is a short slideshow of old family wedding photos created for family memories.


Tim & Jenna

This slideshow was shown at the rehearsal dinner the night before the couple's wedding. It shows the couples life together along with their darling daughter.


Baby Eli

This is a slideshow of a baby's first year of life. What a fun keepsake for any family!



Trip of a Lifetime

This slideshow was created for a client who toured Egypt and Greece and wanted the beautiful scenery to be captured to remember his spectacular trip.



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